Robert McCracken

Is Robert McCracken of Northampton county, PA the father of James of Clearfield?

Others have named Thomas McCracken of Northampton as the brother of Robert, if this is a fact then we can probably assume, from the naming pattern of the Scots, that their father's name is John because Thomas named his first son John.
One researcher says - "Robert McCracken, born in Northern Ireland, perhaps Belmont, Co. Down, about 1708-1709..." and that those early Irish immigrants were called "The Wild Geese of Ulster." If nothing else it is a starting place for you McCracken researchers.
If Robert McCracken is the father of James, this causes some question about the dates used to calculate the birth of James.
1. Is the arrival (1753) and therefore the birth wrong?
2. Did Robert come earlier (1750) to purchase and build and later return home for his family?
3. Is there another Robert somewhere that we have not yet found?

That area of Bucks county where Robert purchased his property in 1750 was divided in 1752 and is now in Northampton county. It is approxamately 8 miles north of Easton, PA in the area of Mount Bethel.
Just a little note of interest - At the time this property was surveyed for Robert McCracken there was an ordinance in effect that required the owner to build within two years a building no less than 200 sq. feet with a stone chimney. Can you imagine a small one room cabin no bigger than your smallest bedroom?

Robert McCracken is the gg-grandfather of Caroline Lavina (Scott) Harrison (1832 - 1892) first lady of the United States and wife of President Benjamin Harrison. She in fact, died in the White House.
1. Robert McCracken + Mary
2. Ann McCracken + Samuel Rea
3. Ann Rea + George Scott
4. John Scott + Mary Neal
5. Caroline Scott + Benjamin Harrison

Robert and Mary McCracken are buried in the Three Churches cemetery just outside of Mount Bethel, PA where their headstone reads -
132--"Robert McCracken died, Feb., 1786, aged 77 years."
133--"Mary, wife of Robert McCracken, died, Nov 1781, aged 73 years."

A few plots away are these, the note says see 132 - does this infer that Samuel is another child of Robert?
121--Samuel McCracken, died Sept. 8, 1794, in his 48th year. (See No. 132)
122--Jerusha McCracken, died Oct. 4, 1794, in her 50th year.

Note: In 1793/94 there was a yellow fever epidemic in the area which could explain why Samuel and his wife died within a month of each other.