"The Families of James McCracken"

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The families of Joseph McCracken & Margaret Jordan
814KB - 51 pages .
Family names include... Barnett, Boyd, Carson, Erhard, Ferguson, Gates, Haines, Helper, Jordan, Lanich, McCracken, Meckley, Noel, Peterson, Rafferty, Rea, Ross, Rowles, Sharp, Sharpe, Tubbs, Wall, Williams, Wise, Wisner, Woods and many more.
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The families of Robert McCracken & Rachael Straw

1.927KB -156 pages

Familiy names include...Barrett,.Beedle, Bell, Berry, Bloom, Baldon, Bowman, Bracken, Brown, Butler, Byers, Caldwell, Clapp, Clark, Clarke, Condon, Cox, Dale, Dickey, Dillen, Dillon, Erhard, Fillion, Galio, Garman, Geddes, Glasgow, Green, Hall, Hazlett, Helsel, Hepfer, Hile, Hill, Holt, Johnson, Keith, Kessler, Korb, Lewis, Lichtenfels, Love, MacDougall, Mathews, Matlack, Mays, McCracken, McGarvey, McIntosh, McNeal, Michaels, Miller, Mills, Moore, Nearhoof, Neff, Newcomer, Norris, Orr, Parrish, Patterson, Peoples, Pestotnic, Peterman, Read, Rich, Richards, Riddle, Ross, Rowles, Rudy, Russell, Sandon, Shaffer, Shirey, Shoff, Silvernail, Smith, Stewart, Templeton, Thornton, Titus, Wagner, Wagoner, Wiley, Wilkenson, Wilt, Wise, Witherow, Wood and many more.

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The Families of James McCracken & Mary Jordan

962 KB - 60 pages

Familiy names include...Anderson,Bloom, Bowser, Brink, Bumgardner, Copp, Crouthers, Curry, Dale, Hadden, Haines, Hallman, Hampton, Hockenberry, Huff, Jeffries, Kephart, Kerin, Kettlelberger, Krise, Lockett, Lowman, Lydick, Manner, McCracken, Miller, Minser, Peachman, Rae, Rowles, Selfridge, Shirey, Siford, Smith, Swatsworth, Wheeler and many more.

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