The Scotch-Irish in colonial Pennsylvania were Scots from Scotland, Ireland and England. At the time of the Irish plantation they were persuaded to take up residence in Northern Ireland where they were known as Ulstermen. From there many emmigrated to America and are known to us as Scotch- Irish. They arrived via the port of Boston or Philadelphia

and preferred to live in the frontier land so you will see them migrating outward as the populations grew. Many went south over the Philadelphia wagon road. In our family there is a tradition that James McCracken had five brothers four of them going south and one to western Pennsylvania and he stayed in central Pennsylvania.

The following pages are a tribute to Erie McCracken (1919 - 1989). She was very much loved by everyone who met her, and in spite of her humble circumstances she kept a positive and upbeat outlook. She was, indeed, the rock and anchor of her family, my best friend and Mother. This material is being compiled to preserve the genealogical facts of the McCracken

Families of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Gathered from a great many sources over the course of thirty years to be preserved here for the descendants of James and Rebecca McCracken. Every attempt has been made to keep errors to a minimum. However anyone with corrections, additions or comments are invited to contact me.

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Erie McCracken

The Naming Pattern

The Scots traditionally named their first born son for the paternial father but, there was also an alternate naming patern which is what we find in this case. That being, the first born son was named for the maternial father. James and Rebecca named their first son Joseph for Joseph Greenwood, Rebecca's father...

Robert McCracken

the father of James of Clearfield?

Others have named Thomas McCracken of Northampton as the brother of Robert, if this is a fact then we can probably assume, from the naming pattern of the Scots, that their father's name is John because Thomas named his first son John. One researcher says - "Robert McCracken, born in Northern Ireland, perhaps Belmont, Co. Down, about 1708-1709..."  Read More >>